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With great excitement we share that the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) recently awarded the TANGO2 Research Foundation an additional $150,000 in funds to continue our work to find treatments and a cure. With this funding also comes  the opportunity to continue with the Rare As One Network for another year. We graciously thank CZI for partnering with the TANGO2 community and investing in our very important mission.

The Rare As One Project is committed to uniting these communities in their quest for cures. Patients are experts in their disease area, and their knowledge has the power to dramatically accelerate the pace of research.

“No one is more committed to finding cures for rare diseases than the patients and families of those affected by these disorders,” said Priscilla Chan, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of CZI. “We are proud to support patient-led organizations as they pursue diagnoses, information, and treatment options in partnership with researchers and clinicians.”

TANGO2 Research Foundation was first welcomed into the first Rare As One cohort in February 2020 and awarded $450,000.  In December 2020, this network included 33 members. Today, over 120 members of the global scientific and medical community are actively engaged as members of our Research Network. With the support of CZI and the Rare As One community, we continue to leverage our network’s innovative skills and experience to advance research and accelerate the pathway to a cure for TANGO2 disease.

With the help of this  grant, the TANGO2 Research Foundation will continue to:

  • Connect and partner with patient communities, researchers, and clinicians;
  • Share, learn from, and work together with other rare disease organizations;
  • Develop a collaborative research network;
  • Build a sustainable funding pipeline; and
  • Develop a comprehensive research agenda.

It is  impossible to adequately describe the remarkable transformation the TANGO2 Research Foundation has experienced over the last two years. Rare As One is a one-of-a-kind incubator for rare disease patient organizations.. The experience  and support within the Rare As One network is beyond measure, and we look forward to our continued collaboration to drive science forward, accelerate discovery and serve the community.

One day, we’ll have treatments and cures for our community with TANGO2 disease to live long, healthy lives. Until then, we’ll be here working relentlessly every day to stop the clock, and to change the lives of the children, young adults and families affected by this disease.