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Christmas is the the season to give and give thanks. During the most recent season, there were several initiatives that took place  in Turin to support the work of the TANGO2 Research Foundation! The events were coordinated by, or centered around Giorgio and Rashmi Pochettino, whose child Edoardo is affected by TANGO2 disease. The events raised $3,050 USD (2,750€) to benefit the Research Foundation

Giorgio’s colleagues offered their talent for TANGO2 as well: their band, “ Italdesound”, played in a local brewery in Turin. The event was a big success, many people participated, danced and sang until late collecting over 1,100€ !!!

At Rashmi’s workplace, a Christmas market and party took place in mid-December raising over 1,300 €! A special thank you to all the people made it possible: Loredana, “Casa Zoe” , Piera and Giuliano and to the colleagues generously bought their Christmas gifts and participated at the kid’s Christmas party.

Stefania Perniola, in occasion of her birthday, launched for the second time a successful Facebook funding campaign inviting friends to donate to Tango2 raising 350 € ! A big thank you to Stefy and to all the friends who contributed!