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We are happy to highlight Team Oliver’s Awesome Advocates today!

Oliver was diagnosed with TANGO2 in 2018 when he was 13. Oliver’s parents had already been searching for an answer to his ataxia, episodes and unexplained fatigue for more than 12 years at that point. While they were relieved to have a diagnosis, the poor prognosis and the realization that TANGO2 was only discovered in 2016 made them continue the search for answers, while also being acutely aware that time was of the essence.

As they connected with more TANGO2 families and discovered the TANGO2 Research Foundation, they realized that there were only 100+ children in the world who have been diagnosed with this disease to date, and several of them have become TANGO2 Angels.

Today, the mission for Oliver and the TANGO2 Research Foundation is to fund research to discover immediate treatments and an ultimate cure for this ultra-rare disease. Oliver’s mom, Jamie, invites you to help spread awareness and provide hope for Oliver and other TANGO2 families by purchasing a Shine a Light on TANGO2 enamel pin.

You can donate $10 US for each pin and add $3 US for shipping in the United States or $14.50 US for international shipping on Jamie’s fundraising page.

In addition, the Shine a Light on TANGO2 store is now open! Go to our merchandise page to purchase your event shirt today!