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Kathie and Jeff Anderson of Apollo Beach, FL have never met Ryan Morris of East Hampton, CT yet they felt a special connection to him. Ryan’s Aunt Moe (Maureen) of Cranston, RI worked for Jeff at Blue Cross & Blue Shield of RI, and they’ve remained friends over the years.

When Kathie and Jeff read on Facebook that Ryan was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease called TANGO2, they felt compelled to help, and as it turns out there was a deeper connection beyond helping the nephew of a former co-worker and friend. Kathie and Jeff lost their son Michael on 9/11, while he was working as a Stockbroker for Cantor Fitzgerald, in one of the twin towers – the same day that Ryan was born. This day of loss and tragedy for one family was a day of new life and new beginnings for another.

Ryan didn’t seem like a stranger any longer. Kathie and Jeff wanted to do something for this boy they had never met. They started the very first fundraiser for the newly formed TANGO2 Research Foundation. They designed, created and funded the first production of T-shirt’s with the TANGO2 logo. 100% of the proceeds from these shirts will go to the foundation to help fund scientific research studies that will help further the understanding and treatment of this rare and puzzling disease.

The T-shirts will also help spread awareness of this little known genetic disorder. They will soon be attending Kathie’s college reunion at Duke University and plan to wear their TANGO2 T-shirts and spread the word.

Thank you so much Kathie & Jeff!

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