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Angelique and Jeffrey van der Haar of Delft, Netherlands wanted to come to the TANGO2 Family Conference in Houston this past June with their son Liam, who has TANGO2, and his sister Alyssa. At the suggestion of their friends Patricia and Nathalie, they started a fundraiser to help with the expenses of traveling as a family to the conference.

In a March 30th post to friends, Angelique said “Because of all the beautiful donations, big and small, our dream has come true and we can go to the conference in America. We would like to thank everyone very much for your support, help and donations.

Enough money was raised to pay not only for the family’s travel expenses, but also to support a generous donation of $3300 to the TANGO2 Research Foundation. We sincerely thank Angelique, Jeffrey and their network of friends, family and co-workers for making this possible. We’ll see you at the next conference!


Liam, Alyssa, Kasha Morris, Mike Morris and Jeffrey