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We are pleased to share that Rare Disease Connection, a production of Aspect Health and, recently hosted a podcast with friends of our foundation!

Sheena Byerly hosted Dr. Seema Lalani, Jayme Gilmore, and Lindsey Messerschmidt and featured their expertise and experiences with TANGO2 disease.

TANGO2 disease has only been described in the last several years, so the information out there is very limited. The goal of this episode is to make it a first-of-its kind resource for the TANGO2 community.

Listen to the podcast at

About Rare Disease Connection:

Rare Disease Connection, and additional resources on and, brings together the people whose expertise can explain what you’re facing. From diagnosis, to prognosis, to treatment options, all the way to questions like “Who do I talk to? Where are the people who’ve been through this before?”. Rare Disease Connection have the answers, direct from the experts and those who’ve faced your disease. From doctors, geneticists, academics, genetic counselors, patient organizations, other patients and their families, all within your reach, they are here to connect you.