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With fewer than 30 documented cases of TANGO2 worldwide it’s pretty amazing that two TANGO2 parents, Mike Morris from Connecticut and Giorgio Pochettino from Italy recently met in New York City to talk about TANGO2, their children and the future of the TANGO2 Research Foundation. Mike and Giorgio are both on the board of directors for the Foundation. Giorgio traveled to NYC on business and Mike took the opportunity to take a train from New Haven CT so they could meet in person.

“It was a pleasure to meet Giorgio in person”, said Mike. “The awareness he’s already created and connections he’s made around TANGO2 in Italy, Germany and France show what a strong advocate he is for his own children and the TANGO2 Research Foundation’s mission in general.” Mike added, “The fact he’s also a partner in the small Italian restaurant we met at in SOHO made the decision to travel the two hours much easier.”

Up to this point, TANGO2 families have only met through a private Facebook group and via conference calls. One of the foundation’s goals is to participate in an international Tango2 conference where more of these closely linked families can meet in person. Stay tuned…