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Solace Nutrition has teamed up with the TANGO2 Research Foundation to help support our mission of leading the way in finding a cure for TANGO2 related disease.

Solace Nutrition seeks to develop medical nutritional products with a strong scientific background that target diseases which can be better managed through nutrition and thus promote quality of life.

As a Foundation, we are also searching for ways to improve the quality of life for the children and young adults with TANGO2 disease. Research has shown that nutrition plays a part in managing TANGO2 disease and its symptoms. Although there is a lot to still learn and discover, we are confident that a partnership with like-minded organizations, such as Solace Nutrition, will allow us to eventually fulfill the unmet needs of those with TANGO2 disease.

On this Giving Tuesday, we are thankful for generous donors like Solace Nutrition and look forward to accomplishing great things together.

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*TANGO2 Research Foundation does not endorse any specific products, services, or brands.