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As the year draws to a close and we gather with our loved ones to celebrate the season, we take a moment to reflect upon the breakthroughs and blessings of the past months. Our hearts are warmed not just by the promising research surrounding B-vitamins and TANGO2 disease, but by the tangible, real-life stories of the first breakthrough transformation from families. These stories remind us of the incredible strides we’ve made, but they also emphasize that we still have a long journey ahead in our quest for a cure. The road to finding a definitive solution for TANGO2 disease is challenging, and it is a reminder that we need ongoing support, both in terms of resources and encouragement, to continue this vital work.


John’s dad Caesar says:

“Since taking B vitamins, John’s energy has improved a lot. He plays soccer for over two hours now. The power of the vitamins are awesome and we’re very thankful for the foundation.”


Rebekah about her son:

“Jack is doing so well. Since starting the vitamins one year ago, we have not seen any lethargy or ataxia episodes. Cognitively, he is learning more and he sleeps so much better. He is walking now and still prefers to crawl but is getting stronger each day!”


Cassie says about Annalyn:

“She has made huge progress since leaving the conference last year and starting the vitamins. She is talking more and more. Her life has dramatically changed for the better.”


Otis’s mom Xian says:

“Otis is doing great, he’s really flourished this year. There is pure joy in this boy. He has really found his love for adrenaline. We haven’t had a hospital admission for nearly a year and he continues to develop well. The B-vitamins have been an absolute game changer to his well being. We’re so grateful for this discovery of the benefits of B-vitamins and have huge appreciation for the TANGO2 Research Foundation. I think his progress is a reflection of the foundation and researchers’ amazing work!”


These are the stories that fuel our mission and drive us forward. However, as we revel in these achievements, we remain acutely aware that our journey is far from over. There are more answers to uncover, more advancements to make, and many more lives to touch. TANGO2 disease still holds mysteries, but with every passing day, we inch closer to unraveling them.

Our mission, our progress, and every success story have been made possible because of the generosity of donors like you. Your donation will not just fund research; it will illuminate paths, open doors, and transform the lives of individuals living with TANGO2 disease.

Together, with hope and persistence, we can achieve more. Here’s to a future filled with more stories of triumph, and a world where TANGO2 disease is but a chapter of the past. To donate, visit our donation page.

Warmest wishes for a joyous holiday season,

Your friends at the TANGO2 Research Foundation